Step Forwards Sports Academy

Growing Confidence for Growing Children

Step Forward Sports Academy is a locally-based company bringing a combination of sports and fun directly to your preschool or daycare. We work hand in hand with school personnel to bring about the most appropriate and convenient program.

Within an environment of encouragement and positive reinforcement, the individual needs of the children of various abilities are met. Step Forward Sports Academy provides all necessary equipment and organizes activities with safety in mind. Our hope is to instill a passion for physical fitness and sports!


Step Forward Sports programs are available at many schools, pre-schools, and daycares. Sports enrichment is held onsite at each child’s school once a week for 30-35 minutes and caters to children aged 2-6 years old. Each season, schools have the option of choosing soccer, basketball, or t-ball (used with velcro/wiffle ball). Most seasons are typically 8-12 weeks long and all equipment is provided by Step Forward Sports.

What makes Step Forward Sports unique is the variety of different sports offered each season.  For example, during the Fall season students may learn the basics of soccer, while in the Spring season students may learn the basics of t-ball. This is especially important not only because of the variety of activities but they are learning with the same enthusiastic and fun instructors.

Soccer Enrichment

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of soccer


  • basic rules
  • control position
  • dribbling
  • speed dribbling
  • pullback
  • passing
  • shooting
  • goalie skills

Basketball Enrichment

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of basketball

  • basic rules
  • dribbling
  • bounce pass
  • chest pass
  • shooting
  • lay up
  • free throw


T- Ball

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of t- ball

  • basic rules
  • proper stance
  • proper swing
  • throwing
  • catching (sticky glove)
  • running the bases

Typical Session

  • Introduction
  • Warm up/ stretching
  • Review of previous week
  • New Skill
  • Activities and games
  • Scrimmage
  • End on a high note

Free Demo

Step Forward Sports offers a Free Demo for all children at any new school, pre-school, or daycare. A Demo is a shortened class that typically is 15- 20 minutes. Children will get to experience what Step Forward Sports has to offer in a fun environment with an instructor. All equipment is provided. For more information please contact Neill Ouska.



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