Step Forwards Sports Academy

Growing Confidence for Growing Children

Step Forward Sports Academy is a locally-based company bringing a combination of sports and fun directly to your preschool or daycare. We work hand in hand with school personnel to bring about the most appropriate and convenient program.

Within an environment of encouragement and positive reinforcement, the individual needs of the children of various abilities are met. Step Forward Sports Academy provides all necessary equipment and organizes activities with safety in mind. Our hope is to instill a passion for physical fitness and sports!

Our Philosophy

The underlying philosophy of Step Forward Sports Academy is for children to experience a happy and healthy lifestyle in their early years. In order to respond to the current concerns many parents have regarding obesity and diabetes in young children today, Step Forward Sports provides activities all children can enjoy. Healthy habits are developed through physical fitness. By moving, running and playing their way through games, the children develop confidence to continue participating in activities in the future. Through sports, you will see your child take a “Step Forward” in: 

Developing and enhancing motor skills 
Self motivation 
Eye-hand coordination 
General physical fitness 

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